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Memory of a Spy


Memory of a Spy

Recommanded age



However, we recommend forming teams of up to 6 players.




Living the life of a spy has always interested you? This game with its technological side will immerse you in this mysterious universe.

The story

You work as a spy in a secret agency, but something strange has been going on in your life: for some time, every morning, your recent memories disappear. Why does this amnesia hit you every morning? Maybe someone could answer your questions, but they can’t be found… you’ve been tracking them for several weeks, taking notes so you don’t forget the details of your progress. Finally, today you find a promising lead. Hopefully, it will take you to the right place…

Important: Before starting this game, you must download (free) the Défi-Évasion At Home – AR application either via the AppStore or Google PlayStore. In addition, this game includes some technological tools (cryptex and 3D object). In order to check if your device (computer, tablet or cell phone) is compatible with these tools, we invite you to click here.

Recommended: 14 years and older

Number of participants :


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