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Locked! The Library


Locked! In The Library

Recommanded age



However, we recommend forming teams of up to 6 players.


1h – 1h15

Our online game closest to an escape room. Perfect for a first online experience.

The story

While you were in the library, deeply focussed on your studies, you notice that you’ve spent more time here than you had planned and that you’re now late for an appointment! You quickly pick up your things and head for the door, only to realize that it is locked, you are the only person in the library and, to top it all off, your phone’s battery has died. You have no intention of staying at the library until it opens tomorrow morning, so you’ll have to find a way out of this unfortunate situation!

Important: This game includes some technological tools. In order to validate if the device (computer, tablet or cell phone) with which you are going to play is compatible, we invite you to click here.

Number of participants :


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